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Eonia interest rate Nederlands - Eonia rente
What is Eonia?
The Euro OverNight Index Average (Eonia) is the overnight reference rate in the Euro zone. Eonia is based on the rates at witch a selection of European banks (the panelbanks) lend funds to one another (overnight). Eonia is one of the two most important benchmarks for the money markets in the euro zone (the other is Euribor). In fact, Eonia could be considered as the overnight Euribor rate.

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Latest Eonia interest rates
In the following table we show the latest Eonia interest rates:

date Eonia rate
05-12-2021-0.479 %
05-11-2021-0.479 %
05-10-2021-0.482 %
05-07-2021-0.478 %
05-06-2021-0.480 %
05-05-2021-0.481 %
05-04-2021-0.479 %
05-03-2021-0.482 %
04-30-2021-0.484 %
04-29-2021-0.481 %
Historical Eonia rates - charts
In the following charts, we show the historical Eonia rates:

Eonia interest rate - from 1999

Eonia interest rate - latest year

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