Free financial content

In the past, we offered webmasters the opportunity to place the content on their website for free. This is no longer possible.

If you already have free content on your site, nothing will change for you for the time being. Existing content remains visible and is updated daily. However, you cannot withdraw any rights from this: we do not guarantee that we will continue to offer this free content in the future.

Laagste hypotheekrente

(met Nat. Hypotheek Garantie)

1 jaarASR0,70 %
5 jaarASR0,75 %
10 jaarABN AMRO0,86 %
15 jaarABN AMRO1,07 %
20 jaarLot1,19 %
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Persoonlijke lening

(rentecontrole: 2-8-2021)

5.000Lender en Spender6,20 %
10.000Lender en Spender4,80 %
15.000BNP Paribas PF3,90 %
25.000DEFAM3,60 %
50.000DEFAM3,40 %
Volledig overzicht persoonlijke lening